Exploring Andrew Jackson's Hermitage: Nashville's Historic Site

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For over two hundred years, the Hermitage has been a beacon of Nashville's rich history. As the home of President Andrew Jackson, the historic site is a testament to the resilience of our nation's past and present. From its humble beginnings as a log home to its current state as an awe-inspiring landmark, the Hermitage has come to represent a unique part of Nashville's culture. Here, visitors can explore the life and legacy of Andrew Jackson, as well as gain insight into his impact on the city and nation.

From its interactive exhibits and guided tours to its onsite museum and special events, the Hermitage is sure to be an unforgettable experience for all who visit. The Hermitage was originally built in 1804 by Andrew Jackson and his wife Rachel. Since then, it has been preserved as a museum and is a popular destination for visitors interested in learning about American history. The main house is open to visitors and contains many artifacts from Jackson's time in office as President. There are also several outbuildings on the grounds, including slave cabins, a smokehouse, and a blacksmith shop.

Additionally, visitors can explore the gardens and take part in educational activities such as guided tours and living history demonstrations. The Hermitage is open year-round and offers a variety of attractions and activities for visitors to enjoy. There are guided tours of the main house and outbuildings that provide an in-depth look at the history of the estate. Visitors can also take part in living history demonstrations that bring to life stories from Andrew Jackson's time as President.

Additionally, there are special events held throughout the year such as holiday celebrations, concerts, and educational programs. The Hermitage also offers a variety of amenities for visitors including a gift shop, cafe, picnic area, and more. The gift shop has souvenirs and memorabilia related to Andrew Jackson and his time as President. The cafe serves lunch items such as sandwiches and salads.

The picnic area is a great place to relax and enjoy a meal with family or friends. Visiting Andrew Jackson's Hermitage is an experience like no other. It is a unique opportunity to learn about American history in an interactive way. Whether you're interested in learning about the life of Andrew Jackson or just want to explore the grounds and take in the beauty of this historic site, there is something for everyone at the Hermitage.

Exploring the Main House

The main house at Andrew Jackson's Hermitage is open to visitors year-round, offering a unique glimpse into the life of the 7th President of the United States. Inside, visitors can explore each room and get an up-close look at the original furniture and artifacts from the time of Jackson's presidency. The main house contains many items of historical significance, such as portraits of famous Americans from that era, books, clothing, and documents. The Hermitage's main house is an important part of its history, providing visitors with an opportunity to learn about the life and times of Andrew Jackson. From the ornate decorations and period furniture to the artifacts and documents that tell his story, this historic site offers a unique insight into a fascinating period of American history. Visitors to the Hermitage can explore the main house, learning about its history and significance, as well as all the attractions and activities available.

Whether you're interested in learning more about Jackson's presidency or simply looking to get an up-close look at some of his belongings, the Hermitage's main house is definitely worth a visit.


In addition to the main house, Andrew Jackson's Hermitage also features several outbuildings on its grounds. These include slave cabins, a smokehouse, a blacksmith shop, a kitchen building and more. Visitors can explore these buildings to get a better understanding of how life was at the Hermitage during Jackson's time. The slave cabins are a stark reminder of the darker side of history. The cabins were home to over 120 slaves who worked on the Hermitage plantation.

Visitors will learn about the African-American experience at the Hermitage and the impact that slavery had on the area. The smokehouse, blacksmith shop and kitchen building were all integral parts of the Hermitage's daily operations in Jackson's time. Visitors can explore these structures to get an insight into what life was like for the people who lived and worked at the Hermitage. The outbuildings at Andrew Jackson's Hermitage are a great way to experience its history in a tangible way. Visitors can explore these buildings to learn more about how life was at the Hermitage during Jackson's time.


The grounds of the Hermitage are filled with beautiful gardens, including formal gardens, vegetable gardens, and flower gardens, that are open to visitors year-round. Exploring these gardens can give visitors a glimpse into the past, as many of the plants grown during Andrew Jackson's time still thrive today.

The formal gardens include varieties of azaleas and boxwoods, as well as native perennials, annuals, and shrubs. These gardens offer plenty of photo opportunities and provide a peaceful respite from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. The vegetable gardens are an interesting look into the life of Andrew Jackson, as they were once home to crops like corn, potatoes, and tomatoes. Visitors can learn about the techniques used to grow crops in this era and marvel at the variety of vegetables available.

The flower gardens are a colorful display of beauty and history. These gardens feature native species such as roses, hydrangeas, and tulips. Additionally, there are herbs and other flowering plants that were grown during Andrew Jackson's time. Visiting Andrew Jackson's Hermitage is a unique experience that allows visitors to explore the grounds, learn about its history and significance, and experience all the attractions and activities available.

Take a stroll through the beautiful gardens and experience a piece of history!Andrew Jackson's Hermitage is a truly remarkable destination for anyone looking to explore American history. Visitors can explore the main house, outbuildings, and gardens to get a firsthand look at artifacts from Jackson's time as President. They can take part in educational activities such as guided tours and living history demonstrations. Finally, visitors can enjoy the beauty of the gardens or take advantage of the amenities such as the cafe or gift shop.

With something for everyone, the Hermitage is sure to provide a unique and unforgettable experience.