"Try That In A Small Town," Jason Aldean's Anti-Woke Anthem, Is Causing Quite The Media Frenzy

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Country Megastar Jason Aldean is ON FIRE, and the mediameltdown smoke is everywhere!!

Basically, he is saying Put that in your pipe and smoke it!!His wife Britany and Jason are HOT HOT HOT and seemingly causing people’s headsto explode. The media wasted no time in labeling Aldean's new video for"Try That in a Small Town" as "...a modern lynching song"with "very scary" and "racist" lyrics. Things went from badto worse in a hurry, as Ron Burgundy famously put it in the movie Anchorman,which Jason Aldean and Brittany Alden delightfully mocked on Halloween oflast year. Many are saying Jason Aldean just took video clips and current blogposts concerning leftists all-out attempts to strip us of our constitutionalrights, progressive city crime in cities led by democrats, and what life is really likein America and put it into a country song with some badass guitar riffs andfireworks in the background.

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Check the YouTube Video here:

Gotta Love or Hate That Vіdeo, But here is what others are saying:

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Facebook- Make Canada Great AgainJаѕon Aldeаn'ѕ Antі-woke Anthem "Try Thаt In A Smаll Town" Iѕ Cаuѕіng Quіte The Medіа Meltdown

NBC News: "Jason Aldean Slammed For Alleged Racist Lyrics"

Men's Health: "The Country Singer's New Small-Town Anthem Is Being Called 'Racist' and 'Pro-Gun'

Update: 07/19/2023- Men's Health Continued

Aldean has publicly responded to the criticism of "TryThat in a Small Town," denying allegations that it is"pro-lynching." The singer, who is recovering from heat exhaustionafter running off stage mid-performance on July 15, is calling criticism of hissong "meritless" and claims that it is about taking care of yourneighbor, "regardless of differences of background or belief."

"My political views have never been something I’vehidden from, and I know that a lot of us in this Country don’t agree on how weget back to a sense of normalcy where we go at least a day without a headlinethat keeps us up at night," he wrote on Twitter. "But the desire forit to- that’s what this song is about."

 Original story: 7/18/2023:

Country singer Jason Aldean has come under fire,metaphorically speaking at least, due to the lyrics of his new song "TryThat in a Small Town." The song describes "good old boys" who"take care of their own" and won't tolerate disrespect of the policeor the American flag and draws a clear line between small-town America, whichit purports is populated by proud owners of guns which they won't give up, andbig cities where it is suggested that unpatriotic lawlessness rules.

Much of the iconography of the song will be familiar toanyone who has listened to a country music radio station, although some of thespecifics have been deemed distasteful by listeners. Specifically, the pro-gunmessage of "Try That in a Small Town" is being questioned because Aldeanwas present at the mass shooting at the Route 91 music festival on the LasVegas Strip in 2017.

TWITTER:-Jason Aldean just released an absolutely epic music videofor the song “Try That In a Small Town” that rips into the left-wing riots,soft on crime governance in cities, gun control, and other leftist degradation. — Greg Price (@greg_price11) July 17, 2023

Check Out Some Of His Lyrics:

“Try Thаt In A Smаll Town”-Jason Dean

Suсker Рunсh Ѕomebody On А Ѕіdewаlk

Cаrjасk Аn Old Lаdy Аt А Red Lіght

Pull А Gun On The Owner Of А Lіquor Ѕtore

Yа Thіnk Іt’ѕ Сool, Well, Асt А Fool Іf Yа Lіke

Cuѕѕ Out А Сoр, Ѕріt Іn Hіѕ Fасe

Stomр On The Flаg Аnd Lіght Іt Uр

Yeаh, Yа Thіnk You’re Tough

Well, Try Thаt Іn А Ѕmаll Town

Full Lyrics Here